5 Types Of Membership Sites You Can Build

Membership SitesThere are a lot of ways to make money online but if you’re looking for a business that’ll allow you to get paid month after month, then starting your own membership site is something you’ll want to take a look at. What makes membership sites so attractive is that you’re able to make money from the same customer each and every month. This save you advertising cost you’d otherwise have to spend in acquiring new customers if you’re selling a product one time.

There various types of membership sites, and listed below are 5 of them:

1. Coaching/Mentoring Sites
This type of membership site offers support and guidance on a particular topic or niche to its members. What’s good about this type of membership site is that you’re able to provide your expertise to a large groups of hundreds or even thousands of members at once, instead of on a one-on-one basis.

2. Private Label Rights (PLR) Sites
With a PLR licence, you are given the rights to claim the product as your own and putting your name as the product creator. That makes PLR products attractive since you can now have your own product to sell without having to create it. Therefore, it is not surprising for PLR membership sites to be a popular place for bloggers and webmasters as it offers them content that they can use to create blog posts, articles, ebooks, reports, etc.

3. Social Sites
This type of sites is becoming more popular as the success of many friendship and dating sites have shown. These sites allow members to connect and build relationship with one another. Social membership sites can also be created out of hobbies, specific interest, expertise. For example, you can build a site for cat lovers, golf enthusiast, bikers, etc for them to communicate with each other.

4. Content Sites
It provides relevant information on a particular niche or interest and members will have to pay a monthly (or even annual) fee to have access to the content. For example, it could be an Internet Marketing Insiders membership site where it shares latest cutting-edge information to help members generate more leads, sales, etc. Members would gladly pay to get this delivered to them every month, as it helps save them time and money to get those information on their own which require extensive research.

5. Message Boards or Forums
This is probably the oldest kind of membership site and being a member is generally free. Message boards or forums are used as a community site where members can post messages and share content with other enthusiasts of a certain niche or topic. There are also forums that charge a low membership fee to access a section of the forum which shares premium content.

Having a membership site is a lucrative piece of business, if your intention is to make money from it. And nowadays, with the advancement of technology, creating a membership site is no more a hassle. There are softwares available in the market that helps build a membership site easily without much technical work involved.

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